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John 8:32 – And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.


First and foremost I am a daughter of God, loved by God, and in love with God. My faith is my life, therefore everything I do revolves around my relationship with God. The word of God ties into all my personal experiences, therefore I cannot separate my faith from my everyday life encounters for the two are one. I am extremely passionate about spiritual well-being and mind health, and it is my desire for all to encounter God’s peace which surpasses all human understanding. Peace, love, joy, hope, and belonging are all fundamental factors which contribute to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. God desires for us to have sound mind, which can only be accomplished through knowing the truth, and this truth is found in the Bible. This truth fills a persons life with absolute joy. Another interesting fact about me is that I LOVE reading the Bible, it never gets old and is always in season. There is always something new to learn each time one reads from cover to cover, which leads me to my final point, I am on a continual journey of getting to know the Creator that bit more than I did know about Him yesterday. I currently work as an Allied health professional, and I also hold a level 3 diploma in counselling.

Why we exist?

Our purpose is to help individuals in their application of biblical truths and principles, in their day-to-day lives. This is achieved through the creation of short bible study series, and the provision of weekly blogs relating to everyday existence. All of which are free of charge.


This ministry has brought hope, strength, and healing to the many who read the blog posts. I am proud and blessed to know the writer of this blog. May this ministry continue to excel to the glory of God.

Ptr Ade

Christian Lady After God’s Own Heart is a touching blog that does not judge or condemns it’s reader. I haven’t previously really followed a Christian blog as I didn’t find one that really resonated with me or kept me engaged during this point in my Christian walk. I have the privilege of knowing the writer of CLAGOH for over 16 years and her gifts have translated to this blog seamlessly: to connect and consistently genuinely care without judgement. 


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