Dose Of The Word 1.2 (Joseph was Jesus parent too)

In this post of dose of the word I’ll be discussing about a man named Joseph. Many of us acknowledge that Mary was the mother of Jesus, who conceived the Messiah when she was overcome by the power of the Holy Spirit. I have observed that many people praise Mary for being chosen to carryContinue reading “Dose Of The Word 1.2 (Joseph was Jesus parent too)”

We Cannot Keep Quiet About Suicide

Hey ladies How you doing? Well I hope some of you answer my question like so… blessed, flourishing, ecstatic, overjoyed, thankful etc. Swiftly moving onwards I’d just like to bring to your attention, that the topic which I will be discussing in this post today, is a very sensitive one to say the least. OverContinue reading “We Cannot Keep Quiet About Suicide”