PRAYER ALERT: Pray for Indonesia

Hey people

How y’all doing??

I just wanted to pass on a quick message to all the intercessors out there, especially those of you who have a passion for praying for others around the world.  Basically the Spirit has impressed within my heart to pray for Indonesia, and I can honestly tell you that I don’t know much about the country. But what I can tell you is that, it’s the highest populated Islamic nation on the planet. For a while now God has just really been saying to me ‘pray, pray, pray’, ‘pray for Indonesia’. Also the word ‘revival’ resonates within me, and I believe that God has a great, and awesome plan for Indonesia. I don’t know the exact details of how God is going to move in Indonesia, but what I do know 100% is that God is faithful. He is faithful to His word!

To all the Christian out there already doing God’s work in Indonesia, I choose to stand with you in prayer. I may not be there in body but I believe that we are unified in Christ Jesus, and have the same purpose, to share the gospel. I pray that God will continue to strengthen, and encourage you. Even through tough times know that God is in control. Know that during these seasons, is when you will see the miraculous handiwork of our mighty God. Do not give up my Indonesian siblings, keep doing what you are doing.

And finally brethren (sorry if that sounds super geeky, or overly religious to you, I just love the word brethren, and really wanted to use it), I would just like to encourage you as Christians to pray for Indonesia, tell a friend to join you in prayer, or a cousin, or an aunt, or an uncle, basically tell every believer you know to do so. I say this because there is power in co-operate prayer, let us join hands together in unity, fighting against the powers of darkness who rule within the Indonesian territory. Jesus’s name WILL be lifted high in the land of Indonesia. Amen

P.S. Indonesians, remember that the Christian lady after Gods own heart, loves you all dearly. God has given me a sudden passion to love, and serve your country through prayer and fasting. I will continue to uplift you as a people, and your nation as a whole in prayer.

And to my fellow non-Indonesians, I ask of you to please help me get this message across to as many people as you can. This is so we can ALL pray for Indonesia as one body, regardless of race, cultural background, or denomination.

God bless you all

I love you guys (I seriously do, the love of Christ is just flowing through me, I’m soooo EXCITED. Whilst writing this post I’ve not been able to stop smiling).



Pray for the people

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