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Today on walk with me, I’ll be talking about HEALTH. Woop woop. For some reason there are many religious individuals who believe that the body is a necessary evil, which we have to put up with as long as we live on this earth. Some extremists also believe that we should never give our bodies any form of satisfaction! Well I disagree with that viewpoint quite a bit, and I will go onto discussing why!

One when God created Adam from the dust of the earth He said ‘His creation was good’ (creation being Adams body) [Genesis 1:31]. And if the human body is so evil, why would it be the place where God chooses to dwell (1 Corinthians 3:16)? (That is when a a person invites God into their life, professing Jesus as their personal Lord and saviour)! The bible says that our bodies are temples and have been bought by a high price (1 Corinthians 6:20). God doesn’t live in buildings built by human hands (That is not to say the presence of God cannot be manifested in a church building), but God chooses to live within us, once we accept Him as our Saviour! This tells me that the body is not evil, and it is not a sin to want to look after your body! After all If we consistently abuse our bodies, how can we expect God to use us for His glory, if we are continually run down and exhausted because of our unhealthy lifestyle.

I’ve kinda jumped onto the gym bandwagon over the past 6 months (I LOVE weightlifting by the way, just thought I’d share that fact lol), I feel that going to the gym to train my body, has helped me grow in my faith in Christ. It has led me to discipline myself in terms of having self-control when eating food, which helps me overcome gluttony (Philippians 3:19-20)! I have now developed a schedule that I like to stick to, which ensures that I plan my day ahead of time so that I stay organised. I always like to remind myself, that if I have time for leisure, I also should have time for God. I cannot allow my body to tell me I’m to tired to pray when I’ve spent over an hour at the gym (Most times I do pray before attending the gym, but I do like to have that quiet time in the evening, if I’ve had a busy/rushed morning). Training has highlighted to me how precious time is, and has helped me learn to put God first in my life. You may be asking how?, so I’m going to tell you just how!

Well going to the gym, has provided me with the open door to share my faith with people. The gym staff always tell me, ‘your different from others’, and ‘your so polite, there’s not that many polite people around anymore’. Now this tells me that I can evangelise to people, through living out the word of God! Furthermore people are beginning to notice my weight loss…YAAAY, this causes them to ask me questions on how I did it, which then provides me with the great opportunity to ENCOURAGE people. This is wonderful for me because encouragement is one of the gifting’s which God has blessed me with! So it’s great that I get to develop my gifting, whilst having fun, and bringing glory to God at the same time (1 Corinthians 10:31).

Just a quick note for us gym goers to take on board. Be very careful not to be self-obsessed or idolise your body. This is not a wise idea, because there is so much more to you than the ounces of muscle you have on your body (Luke 12:23). When that muscle begins to shrink, what becomes of your life then? Who will you be??? I know for some people weight lifting is a career, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, just don’t become so big headed, and prideful, as I’m sure you know, pride comes before a fall (Proverbs 16:18). The devil also fell into the sin of pride, he wanted Gods glory, he wanted to be worshipped like God, but in the end his plan failed (Isaiah 14:12-15). Remember that God will never share His glory with anybody (Isaiah 42:8). But hey there’s nothing wrong with admiring Gods creation (your body), and ensuring that it is well groomed and looked after, because the bible does say we are SKILFULLY MADE (Psalm 139:14). And I do believe in order to preserve a skilfully handmade pot (our bodies) , we need to try to live a healthy lifestyle, if we are blessed with the opportunities to do so!

Anyways I hope you enjoyed reading this short post on health, and I pray it was beneficial to you. I also hope that you gained some clarity and biblical truths about the body, as I’m a firm believer of the statement that ‘if you know the truth you’ll be set free’ (John 8:31-32). I’d just like to inform you that I will be doing a follow up post on this topic, which will expose some ways that helped me lose weight. So yeah be prepared for more tips swinging your way! And don’t forget you are made in Gods image (Genesis 1:26), therefore your body is a beautiful sight before the eyes of God!

Peace out.

Christian lady after Gods own heart.


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