It’s ok for people to pass through our lives

People may think you’re not worth ‘their’ time, but GOD says you’re WORTHWHILE!

Jesus had many disciples but when push came to shove He was left with 12 apostles! You’re NOT alone, a numerous amount of Christ’s disciples thought Christ wasn’t worth following (John 6:60-71)!

Hey beautiful people,
I hope you’re all enjoying the remaining few days of summer? So from my mini introduction, I believe that you can gather that I will be discussing about semi-permanent life relationships. There are some relationships which you will build in this life that won’t last your entire lifetime, and THAT’S OK! It’s completely normal, painful yes, but don’t stay beat down about it 😀. Smile, smiling helps make life better 😉!!!

I am one who doesn’t rush into becoming best friends with everyone and anyone, not because of fear of ‘rejection’, but rather because of the fear of being ‘hurt’/‘let down’ along the way. But I believe all humans deserve respect, so I strive on a daily basis to show love to my neighbour as the bible says [Mark 12:31] (this isn’t always easy, but with time AND multiple trials [learning opportunities] you WILL develop an enduring character if your heart is in the right place). So I met this wonderful human being who was very pleasant, easy to talk to and very friendly. It looked like this individual was ‘here to stay’ in my life, this was according to their own words, but this individuals ‘stay’ in my life was VERY short lived. Now I must say that I’m very grateful for the times I got to spend with this individual, this person really uplifted me whenever we met together. They were an encourager who helped me further develop myself, so I do NOT regret having this amazing human being pass through my life. So the point I desire to express to all my lovely readers is that you should be thankful for the moments you enjoyed with the individuals which have passed THROUGH your life, and don’t hold a grudge against them for doing so, simply because that’s life! So I’ve come up with a few hacks to help get through such a tricky life season.

1. Please DON’T blame yourself: Don’t waste time thinking of how this dissolved relationship is your own fault as this can easily lead to depression. It’s so easy for us to fall into the trap of thinking of ways in which we could of prolonged a certain relationship, but the truth is some things are not meant to be. So don’t get yourself into an emotional mess over such matters, but rather see what you can take away from such situations and move on.
2. Remember you’re not alone in this: Many of us have friends who we are no longer in contact with. This is normal, this is called LIFE. One thing I’ve learnt in life is that Satan likes to isolate us and make us feel like no one else can mess up the way we do, therefore we deserve to waste away in guilt. This feeling is called ‘condemnation’, this is NOT from God as God came to save the world, not to condemn it (Romans 8:1 & John 3:17).
3. Be thankful for the learning opportunity: All life lessons allow room for further growth and development! God can use circumstances to help us enhance our emotional and spiritual strength (Romans 5:34). That person who passes through your life, could potentially help you come out of your shell, and that is their purpose in your life. Therefore they end up passing through your life for only a year or 2! Be thankful for the chance you were given to meet an amazing human being, as it’s always nice to meet a wonderful character. Reminisce on the good old days and move on.
4. Remember Gods got your back: You are soooo precious and valuable, and you are worth all the time in the world. So don’t allow a dissolved relationship (friendship) make you feel as though you are worthless. Because according to God you’re worth loving and worth dying for (Romans 5:8).

Just a final tip from me to you. Sometimes it is a GOOD thing that certain friendships end, as unfortunately not everyone has good intentions. Some people use and abuse others and such relationships are toxic for the human heart! Just be aware of this. There are many wolves in sheeps clothing. But when in doubt simply pray for the ability to discern a good relationship from a toxic relationship.

So people have a wonderful evening. If you’d like me to give some advice on a specific life issue not yet covered please let me know by just sending me a quick email. And for the ladies in and around Essex/London keep a look out for my future empowerment workshops. Have a blessed and productive week.

Love from the godly lady after Gods own heart 😘

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Simply a young woman striving to encourage women of God, whilst trying to spread the gospel to a mass majority of ladies all over the world. I am an armature with regards to blogs, but with more time and by God’s grace I shall improve lol. I want every single female on earth to know how much she is loved by God (John 3:16)! Please feel free to contact me via email for encouragement, advise or prayer (I am not a qualified counsellor, or a pastor, but I believe as a young woman I will be able to relate with SOME of the things other women around the world are going through). <<< As of Feb 2019 I completed my Counselling level 3 diploma Praise God 💃🏾. I intend to help others not in my own strength, but with the help of the Holy Spirit.

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