Our Earth Is Resting (enjoy the stillness)

Good day fellow human beings

I hope you’ve all had a restful and blessed week thus far? Today I desire to share a personal observation which I have recently come to notice. I have been awoken to the sad reality that we humans can be our own greatest enemy with regards to the damage done to our world. I firmly believe that there are MANY kind hearted and caring individuals in the world, but a lot of the world problems which we face today are a result of sin. Sin’s such as greed, hate, envy, jealousy etc. Anyways my intention is to focus on the positives which have been birthed out of the current global disaster, as well as discuss matters which need praying over.

The good

⁃ More family time 😀: It’s such a great blessing to be able to bond with your family, don’t take it for granted.

⁃ Knife and gun crime has gone down: As less people are out and about, gang activity has decreased resulting in less deaths.

⁃ Less pollution: There are less cars and planes travelling around, therefore we can inhale cleaner air. We can also better observe the beautiful scenery around us.

⁃ A lot of sex businesses have become redundant: This is good because it reduces the risks of people transmitting sexual diseases in unsafe conditions. Plus sex trafficking activity has come to a partial/temporary halt which is uplifting to know.

I still urge everyone to keep surrounding households in their prayers because there has been a rise in domestic violence. Whilst many individuals have been blessed with the opportunity to bond with family members, other persons are living in homes which have been turned into battlefields. Some individuals have become punching bags for their spouses. Many abusers due to the lockdown have no let-out, so have resorted to assaulting their own family members. Please pray for people in such homes and pray for individuals without homes (the homeless). Pray for mental stability within our communities, as loneliness and tragedy can lead to madness.

Deuteronomy 28:34 ~ You will go mad because of all the tragedy you see around you.

I believe that there are SEVERAL lessons we can learn from God, with regards to caring for our Eden (Earth), as the Lord is full of great wisdom and truth. For example wasting food, or taking more than you truly need (stock piling). God specifically advised the children of Israel to take food according to family size (the number of people living within a household). Smaller families take less and larger families take more. And guess what everyone had enough and there was no wastage, so lets take a lesson from God people.

Exodus 12:4 ~ If a family is too small to eat a whole animal, let them share with another family in the neighborhood. Divide the animal according to the size of each family and how much they can eat.

Exodus 16:16-18 ~ These are the LORD’s instructions: Each household should gather as much as it needs. Pick up two quarts for each person in your tent.” So the people of Israel did as they were told. Some gathered a lot, some only a little. But when they measured it out, everyone had just enough. Those who gathered a lot had nothing left over, and those who gathered only a little had enough. Each family had just what it needed.

Furthermore manna DISSOLVED (evaporated)!!! The food which rained down from heaven was biodegradable. We need to start using recyclable material more often! We need to look after our environment and make it more sustainable.

Exodus 16:21 ~ After this the people gathered the food morning by morning, each family according to its need. And as the sun became hot, the flakes they had not picked up melted and disappeared.

We should also start increasing our support for local businesses, as this will greatly help us during times of urgency. This is so we do not become totally dependent upon receiving resources from oversees, which normally takes a lot longer to arrive, in comparison to purchasing items from companies on our own soil. Local businesses can flourish once patronised and will be able to meet the growing demands of society with their gained income. It is also good to support other countries because the truth is we all need each other, no nation is entirely independent, but we MUST be prepared at all times (in season and out of season).

It is time for humanity to focus on important matters. Instead of squandering money on time wasting lawsuits, and weaponry, we ought to focus on issues such as healthcare, homelessness, mental health, water irrigation, and research into crops resistant to adverse weather conditions. We should push for moral values to be instilled within schools, and for individuals to respect human life as the Bible instructs us to do so. We must love our neighbour as ourself. It’s time for God to be reverenced within our communities. Biblical principles are the building blocks needed to create a stable society.

Proverbs 28:2 ~ When there is moral rot within a nation, its government topples easily. But wise and knowledgeable leaders bring stability.

Mark 12:40-31 ~ Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”

Caring for animals is part of looking after our Eden. When animals are kept in unhygienic environments this creates a breeding ground for bacteria to multiply and spread between cattle and humans. Moving on I must say that hearing birds communicate loudly and freely in unison, is like hearing a beautiful harmonious tune. The absence of busyness and movement has paved the way for me to better hear nature and appreciate my surroundings. Animals are left free to roam around, sheep and reindeer have been sighted in residential areas 😆. What a funny yet pleasant occurrence.

Genesis 1:26 ~ Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

Proverbs 12:10 ~ A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal. But even the compassion of the wicked is cruel.

A godly person is also cautious about the wellbeing of trees and plants. A wise person cares for their surroundings.

Deuteronomy 20:19 ~ When you besiege a city for a long time, while making war against it to take it, you shall not destroy its trees by wielding an ax against them; if you can eat of them, do not cut them down to use in the siege, for the tree of the field is man’s food.

Finally I pray that the current global affairs will cause us to turn back to our first love…God almighty.

Psalm 119:67 ~ Before I was afflicted, I went astray; but now I keep Your word.

Psalm 119:71 ~ My suffering was good for me, for it taught me to pay attention to your decrees.

Have a wonderful week and God bless.

Love from

Christian Lady After God’s Own Heart

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