Is it time for you to move on?

Good day beautiful people,

I hope that you’re all well? I pray that God continues to keep you and your family members safe, and that feelings of stagnancy and emptiness, will dissipate from your mind through the powerful hand of God at work within your heart. Keep on trusting in God and meditating upon His word which is the truth. In today’s post I desire to get you thinking about ‘Where God wants you to be’? This is such an important question to ask yourself to ensure that you’re not going off track, which is why I believe that frequent reflection and documentation, is necessary in helping to record progress, and useful in exposing areas which need improvement.

Reading 2 Chronicles 11:14 got me asking myself if I was truly where God wanted me to be in life? Sometimes God requires us to stay in the wilderness to make us grow. But we also need to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s nudging when it’s time for us to pack our bags and get moving. Knowing when it’s the right time to move can be difficult, which is why it’s vital for us to pray always, so that we walk in accordance to the Spirit’s direction, rather than following our own emotions/feelings.

2 chronicles 11:14 ~ “The Levites even abandoned their pasturelands and property and moved to Judah and Jerusalem, because Jeroboam and his sons would not allow them to serve the Lord as priests.”

^^Sometimes we may be required to leave an environment (job or a relationship etc) because of it’s toxicity, and go to a place where our relationship with God will grow and flourish! If an environment is negatively impacting your relationship with God and loved ones, I ‘think’ this could be a sign that it’s time to move on. We can see from the above passage that many of the Levities travelled long distances to be in a place which wasn’t polluted by idolatry, amongst many other negative things. Just some food for thought.

When making decisions about making a move it’s important that we don’t make choices based upon the opinions of others. We should also never try to imitate another person’s way of life, simply because everything God created has a ‘specific (unique)’ course to follow. Even the Sun has a course to follow set by God.

Psalm 19:6-8 ~ “The sun rises at one end of the heavens and follows its course to the other end. Nothing can hide from its heat. The instructions of the Lord are perfect, reviving the soul. The decrees of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise the simple. The commandments of the Lord are right, bringing joy to the heart. The commands of the Lord are clear, giving insight for living.”

^^^Seeking God can help bring about clarity during moments of uncertainty. The word of God also gives us clear insight for living.

The two questions I desire for us all to ponder over are…

1. Are you where God wants you to be, or is it time to move on?

2. Are you following the specific path which God has created for YOU to follow.

Have a productive and glorious week, and continue to pray that God will reveal to you His will for your life, so that you will obey Him and follow the right path.

God bless

Love from

Christian Lady After God’s Own Heart 💜

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Simply a young woman striving to encourage women of God, whilst trying to spread the gospel to a mass majority of ladies all over the world. I am an armature with regards to blogs, but with more time and by God’s grace I shall improve lol. I want every single female on earth to know how much she is loved by God (John 3:16)! Please feel free to contact me via email for encouragement, advise or prayer (I am not a qualified counsellor, or a pastor, but I believe as a young woman I will be able to relate with SOME of the things other women around the world are going through). <<< As of Feb 2019 I completed my Counselling level 3 diploma Praise God 💃🏾. I intend to help others not in my own strength, but with the help of the Holy Spirit.

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