Never give up

Good day beautiful people

I hope that this message meets you well? I just want to encourage my siblings in Christ to keep on holding onto God and His word. Always remember that not one of God’s promises concerning the children of Israel failed and neither will He fail you.

Joshua 21:45 ~ Not a single one of all the good promises the LORD had given to the family of Israel was left unfulfilled; everything he had spoken came true.

From 2020 onwards many people around the world have encountered immense challenges due to wars, terror attacks, natural disasters and a global pandemic! And although some of these events may be old news most people are still dealing with the lasting effects of such terrors!

The pandemic has caused a lot of dreams to be put on hold, plans to be halted and destroyed opportunities, but this should not cause us to take our eyes of Christ because when we focus on the storms of life we end up sinking. Thoughts of worry, fear, anxiety, anger and self-pity end up engulfing our psyches therefore inhibiting us from being able to think straight and robbing us of sound mind.

So, recently I’ve been pretty discouraged about feeling stagnant in life. I just feel like nothing is moving forward and I’m stuck in a rut. I have plans but it’s like doors keep closing all around me. I’ve heard the words ‘no’ and ‘unfortunately’ over and over again. It literally feels like people are slamming doors shut in my face ❤️‍🩹. BUT…… The Holy Spirit has been encouraging and strengthening me through the Word. Whispering to my soul that ‘I should not forget past miracles or victories’.

Psalm 77:7-14 ~ “Has the Lord rejected me forever? Will he never again be kind to me? Is his unfailing love gone forever? Have his promises permanently failed? Has God forgotten to be gracious? Has he slammed the door on his compassion? Interlude And I said, “This is my fate; the Most High has turned his hand against me.” But then I recall all you have done, O Lord; I remember your wonderful deeds of long ago. They are constantly in my thoughts. I cannot stop thinking about your mighty works. O God, your ways are holy. Is there any god as mighty as you? You are the God of great wonders! You demonstrate your awesome power among the nations.”

Psalm 78:7 ~ “So each generation should set its hope anew on God, not forgetting his glorious miracles and obeying his commands.”

Psalm 103:2 ~ “Let all that I am praise the Lord; may I never forget the good things he does for me.”

Trying to purchase a property in or around London, whilst trying to gain new skills within my career seems like a myth right now. I don’t know if any of my fellow humans living in the U.K. have noticed that house prices have skyrocketed recently. Properties are up 30-50k 🙈. Plus trying to navigate through the hurdles which come with publishing a book has got my mind spinning. Also the discouragement that comes with minimal blog engagement (I know that numbers shouldn’t be the main focus of my attention and it’s important for me to remember WHY I do things, and my ultimate goal should be to please God in ALL that I do). But sometimes life can get tough and it appears that everything that could go wrong does go wrong all at the same time. But after my sisters car accident I turned to The Lord and found strength in His word, and He opened my eyes to see the great blessings which He has placed all around me, such as His unconditional love and the love which has been shown to my family by close friends and church members.

When life gets you down, keep trusting God, don’t stop believing in His promises, don’t give up and don’t lose hope. Keep on praying, keep on seeking God.

The Bible passage that I’d like to remind us to meditate on is Judges 20:18-35.

Judges 20:18-25 ~ “Before the battle the Israelites went to Bethel and asked God, “Which tribe should go first to attack the people of Benjamin?” The Lord answered, “Judah is to go first.” So the Israelites left early the next morning and camped near Gibeah. Then they advanced toward Gibeah to attack the men of Benjamin. But Benjamin’s warriors, who were defending the town, came out and killed 22,000 Israelites on the battlefield that day. But the Israelites encouraged each other and took their positions again at the same place they had fought the previous day. For they had gone up to Bethel and wept in the presence of the Lord until evening. They had asked the Lord, “Should we fight against our relatives from Benjamin again?” And the Lord had said, “Go out and fight against them.” So the next day they went out again to fight against the men of Benjamin, but the men of Benjamin killed another 18,000 Israelites, all of whom were experienced with the sword.”

Now, if I was to experience failure not once but twice resulting in heavy loss I’d really begin to question if God really meant what He said regarding me taking action. I’d have A LOT of questions to ask because it doesn’t make sense to experience defeat if God was the One who sent me out in the first place. Although experiencing failure of any kind is not fun and can be very painful, we’re always provided with the opportunity to learn and grow from such experiences. For example one can develop endurance, learn not to lose heart and learn to totally depend on God and trust what He say’s.

Romans 5:3 ~ We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance.

So whether your challenge may be passing an entry exam, creating a new recipe, completing a project or looking for a new area to relocate to, keep consulting God for wisdom and DON’T GIVE UP. If God has made a promise to you then He will fulfil it. God’s will for your life will come to pass so have faith. Sometimes things don’t happen in our own timing and that’s ok, what we must remember is that God’s schedule for our life is ALWAYS best! Look at the life of Joseph for example, The Lord revealed to him through dreams that he’d become a ruler. This did not happen immediately and Joseph ended up being betrayed by his brothers, sold to foreigners and ended up being thrown into prison, yet in all this Joseph still acknowledged God and sought to obey God at all costs.

[Side-note: Don’t make plans and then ask God to bless your plans! INVOLVE Him throughout your decision making process, ask Him to help you plan well and ask Him for wisdom etc. God has the power to help you discover great ideas. Don’t do things only to satisfy yourself, do things to please and honour God].

I hope you could learn a lesson or two from today’s write up. God bless, don’t give up and continue to stay safe.

Love from

Christian Lady After God’s Own Heart 💜

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Simply a young woman striving to encourage women of God, whilst trying to spread the gospel to a mass majority of ladies all over the world. I am an armature with regards to blogs, but with more time and by God’s grace I shall improve lol. I want every single female on earth to know how much she is loved by God (John 3:16)! Please feel free to contact me via email for encouragement, advise or prayer (I am not a qualified counsellor, or a pastor, but I believe as a young woman I will be able to relate with SOME of the things other women around the world are going through). <<< As of Feb 2019 I completed my Counselling level 3 diploma Praise God 💃🏾. I intend to help others not in my own strength, but with the help of the Holy Spirit.

One thought on “Never give up

  1. Is there anything more frustrating  in life than being stuck? 

    I tell a certain friend that I’ve been  disappointed (failed) so many  times that I’m starting to grow  used to it.

    In such moments, however, one can  gain perseverance, learn not to lose heart, and learn to completely rely on God, as you stated.

    For us in Christ,giving up is not an
    option, i suppose.

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