Call a person out in love (kindly correct).

Good day WordPress family, I hope you’re all doing great, and transitioning well into the new normal with the help of God. I want to encourage us, and remind us all to continually trust in the Lord’s sovereignty, and not to allow thoughts of fear, anxiety, and panic to dominate our minds. We must rejectContinue reading “Call a person out in love (kindly correct).”

Dose Of The Word 1.4 (Knowing Yourself)

Good day ladies (& gents who may be passing through). Imma try and hit you up with a short post today (yeah I know my version of short is kinda long, but I’m trying).   I believe that it is VITAL to know who you are, main reason being because if you don’t, other peopleContinue reading “Dose Of The Word 1.4 (Knowing Yourself)”