Dose Of The Word 1.4 (Knowing Yourself)

Good day ladies (& gents who may be passing through). Imma try and hit you up with a short post today (yeah I know my version of short is kinda long, but I’m trying).


I believe that it is VITAL to know who you are, main reason being because if you don’t, other people will try, and tell you who you are. And I know a guy who loves to tell people how worthless they are, and his name is Satan. The devil LOVES to whisper words into our ears, which he desperately wants us to believe, that are contrary to what God has spoken about us. So as you can see another reason to know yourself, is so that you don’t believe the lies of the devil!


During this point of time I’d just like for you to understand that, it is not always wise for you to trust your own self, to guide you to ‘knowing yourself’. Emotions are a bit like a roller-coaster, one minute they’re up, and the next they’re down! In life we can go through stages where we are sooo hard on ourselves. And Gods probably like ‘My child I’ve forgiven you, I love you, let’s not dwindle in the past, there’s so much I’ve got planned for us to do together’. One minute we feel beautiful, and the next we can stare at ourselves in the mirror in disgust. So I’d like to encourage you to start listening to what God has to say about you! He’s words are full of life, grace and TRUTH!!


When we do not know ourselves, we can easily fall into the trap of trying to be like others. We may even try to live a life like our parents, or another family member! But God doesn’t want us to live in our mummy or daddy’s shadow! He wants us to live a great and fulfilling life, the great and fulfilling life which He died for us to have! Do not live an unsatisfactory life, comparing yourself to every Sarah, Katherine or Jessica (these are just purely random names off the top of my head!). I’d also like to highlight that when one does not know thyself, there is a very high tendency for one to fall into sins such as self-pity, resentment towards God, lack of faith in God, ungratefulness etc. This is why I really want to drum it in, that it is VITAL that you know who you are!


Now I always like to look at the life of Jesus for the best examples on how to live a godly life. And the Spirit revealed to me through bible reading, that many people tried telling Jesus who He was! Some said ‘He is JUST a carpenter’s son’ (Mark 6:3). But Jesus knew there was more to Himself, than being the son of a carpenter. Do not allow the word ‘just’ or ‘only’ prevent you from achieving greater things in life. There is so much more to you than you realise! Some said nothing good comes from Nazareth, which was where Jesus was from, yet Jesus didn’t let such comments crush His faith (1 John 1:44-46). Some said Jesus was just a prophet (Matthew 16:14), and that is exactly what the majority of people thought about Jesus. During Christs triumphal entry, many thought He’d help save them from the Roman Empire, but Christ knew there was SOOOO MUCH MORE to Himself than that! He could save these people from the power of death and the grave itself. He could give them eternal life, if they’d only believe. Some said He was Elijah (I can just imagine Jesus laughing of such comments), but He knew He was NOT Elijah! Because Elijah didn’t die for mankind, that was not his purpose. Christ knew who He was, and what He had to do! He came to die, so He could save mankind. If He didn’t know who He was, I doubt Christ would have been able to go to the cross, and fulfil His purpose.


If you want to know yourself, you have to know God. For the fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom! Aristotle a philosopher once said that ‘knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom’. I partly agree with his statement, but I believe such knowledge can only be obtained through God (Proverbs 9:10), by having a personal relationship with Him. So do not be afraid to ask God for guidance in life, the Holy Spirit is there to be our guide. Ask God about what the specific tasks are, which He has created for you to do. There are many people who go through a stage in life not knowing what their purpose in life is, I myself at one point didn’t know what I was called to do! So don’t fret, you are not alone. I just don’t want anyone out there reading this post, to be one of those people who die not knowing!


So never let the area where you were born, or brought up in, be the reason you don’t achieve greatness in life. Don’t think because your parents are not rich, or well off, that you can’t succeed. Don’t let the enemy convince you that you can’t make it in life because of your race, sex, height, weight, or background. It is so sad to see a few people in life use such statements, as excuses as to why they have never achieved anything. Jesus didn’t let such statements stop Him, and neither should you!!!


Just below I have placed a table which shows how common lies used by the enemy can be replaced with the truth of God!


Enjoy your day beautiful people

Love from the Christian lady after Gods own heart.

know yourself



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