What to do when your friend stops talking to you.

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Now whoever says ANY type of relationship is easy to build is ABSOLUTELY NOT telling the WHOLE truth (they lying honey). As human beings we simply cannot survive without human interaction because we were intentionally created for relationships. This in no way means that relationships are easy to build, but what I must say is that friendships are priceless forms of relationships which require work and commitment from both sides.

So today I plan to share my personal experience regarding a time a friend of mine abruptly stopped talking to me. The whole situation was EXTREMELY frustrating and annoying simply because it happened so quickly without much warning. And till this point I cannot say exactly what triggered this sudden change in dynamics. But what I can firmly say is God is faithful and He truly does answer prayers. To cut a long story slightly short, it took roughly 4 months for me to have a somewhat decent conversation with my friend (even using the word friend as I write now seems to be improper, it doesn’t feel right but I believe God can restore broken fellowship between two people. It’s not hard for Him). For confidentiality reasons I’ll call this individual Tom. So there would be times I would message Tom and get no reply, other times Tom’s messages would be very brief, a few words in comparison to my lengthy paragraphs lol. But what I could be sure of was the fact that Tom’s response would not be immediate, sometimes taking up to a full week. Now for some this may be normal, but prior to the sudden change Tom and I would message everyday (maybe it was the honeymoon period lol). But I did learn A LOT from this happening, and I’d like to share some tips.

1. You are NOT alone: When we look at scripture and look at the life of Jesus, during His time of need His disciples deserted Him (Mark 14:50). Peter even denied that he knew who Jesus was (Luke 22:54-57). This must have been an extremely hurtful experience for Christ, especially having spent 3 and half years in intimate fellowship with His disciples. But in this difficult time He knew He had God the Father who never forsakes His children (Hebrews 13:5).
2. Never speak evil of the other: I know it can be painful when someone completely blanks you, but don’t fall into the temptation of gossiping about them, as gossip has the power to separate the best of friends (Proverbs 16:28). And we mustn’t forget gossip is a sin (Romans 1:29).
3. PRAY ABOUT IT: Instead of wasting time worrying about the situation, PRAY ABOUT IT. Trust me prayer works, don’t give up! After a long 4 months I got the opportunity to have a short but joyous conversation with Tom in person thank Jesus  James 5:16 😀.
4. Time can potentially bring healing: Sometimes people just need space and need to be left alone for a period of time. We have an example of this in the bible with Jacob and Esau. The bible states that Esau ‘hated’ Jacob, but after being apart for a lengthy amount of time Esau was joyously able to embrace his brother Jacob (Genesis 27:41 & Genesis 33:1-11).
5. Don’t trade your relationship with God for anything else: No one in this world can make you happy don’t put such an unfair and unrealistic expectation on another human being. No one is perfect and I’m sure that you’ve let a friend down before and you’ve been let down too. Man WILL fail you but God never does (1 Corinthians 1:9). What I’m trying to say is ‘TRY’ not to feel that your life depends on a particular relationship. What your life does depend on, is your relationship with God. No one can take Gods place in your life.

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