When you feel deserted (alone)

Hey beautiful readers
Welcome and thank you for entering into MY world 😀. I just thought I’d share a real quick post on loneliness, as I feel summer time can be a lonely time for a lot of people, as it is vacation season. Many a times we can allow boredom take over because we feel that our time is not as precious as the next persons, either because we’re not away on holiday like them, or we are too busy comparing our lives with the next persons. I know we all like to pree on other people’s pictures on social media, but this is not the best habit to formulate. To be totally honest with you, one can be hit by waves of loneliness all throughout the year!

One important thing I want us to realise is that our feelings don’t always reflect actuality (reality). Our perception of reality can be distorted by our ‘feelings’. Sometimes we may ‘feel’ alone due to having a disagreement with let’s say a family member, and we can let that one incident completely ruin our mood for the entire day or week. We isolate ourselves and ‘feel’ alone/misunderstood. We must be very careful not to develop such an attitude where we continually distance ourselves from those around us. And we must realise that God is ALWAYS with us no matter what (Matthew 28:20), Amen.

So how does one combat loneliness???

1. Discover the root cause: Is this an accurate reflection of reality or just a ‘feeling’? If you find that you frequently have bouts of mood swings, ask God to help you refine your character and change your perception on how you handle/deal with grievances. DO NOT ISOLATE YOURSELF. If because of life circumstances you find yourself alone (living alone), I know this may sound scary but ACTIVELY make the effort to meet new people. Join a local church, find a group which meets on a regular basis, check out Eventbrite (it’s amazing 😉), [keep an eye out for future women empowerment events I’ll be posting on both WordPress AND Eventbrite]. God has the ability to lead you to meet amazing people and build amazing friendships.
2. Please please please ENJOY LIFE! Do things with your free time, take up a hobby and don’t waste time sulking! I know sometimes engaging in hobbies can just patch things up for a while and not actually treat the root cause of loneliness, but I believe once one understands the truth, which is… IT IS NOT somebody else’s responsibility to make you happy, emotional healing will come! Your soul will love you for this!
3. DON’T compare yourself with others: Comparison is a big joy stealer! People post what THEY want you to see their life to be, HOW they want you to see their life, and WHEN they want you to see their life, from the ANGLE which they want you to view their life. Just because someone is smiling on camera doesn’t mean their heart is glad! Basically STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE! You will never be happy in life if you spend your time watching others instead of living out your God given purpose! Focus on your own work and you’ll be satisfied with a job well down (Galatians 6:4).
4. Embrace moments of quietness/stillness: (not unhealthy periods of let’s say emptiness): It is in the tough, quiet, difficult moments of our lives that we get to know OURSELVES better and also GOD better. This is a beautiful opportunity for one to develop themselves in such great and powerful ways (Romans 5:34).

So I hope this read wasn’t too long for you beautiful readers.

Peace out ✌️

Love from the godly lady

p.s. I truly love y’all thanks for your support

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