Lend me your ear (part 2).

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As promised I have written up the second section to the post ‘lend me your ear’. As mentioned before I believe it is important for us to be able to differentiate between having a low period, and demonic oppression! So it’s ok not to be ok SOMETIMES, as we all have to face personal life battles. But it’s not ok to be consistently down to the point you are unable to do your once normal day to day activities.

The topic of mental health is EXTREMELY broad, and I don’t believe one person holds a monopoly of truth with regards to matters of the mind (except God). But I will try my very best to share my personal thoughts on a few things.

So every human being WILL feel sad at some point in their life. It is a natural human emotion. The bible says that even the best years of life are filled with pain Psalm 90:10. Simply put during your life on Earth you will experience pain and suffering! So it is perfectly normal to have a low point, don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that life should always be rosey/perfect. Which is why I love the bible SO much as it speaks the truth! Psalm 42:5 & 11 David repeats the phrase ‘why are you downcast my soul’, this tells me that on more than ONE occasion David was downcast! So in life we will face several obstacles. But I love the latter part of both verses as they state one should ‘hope in the Lord, and praise Him’. A great way to get through trying times is to simply PRAISE your way through, and thank God for what you have in all circumstances.

And for the men out there it doesn’t make you less of a man if you occasionally express your emotions through shedding tears! Many great men used by God cried as a way to express themselves. David a mighty man of war is one of them. He stated that his bed was flooded with tears Psalm 6:6!

Now if we look at the bible we have a description of possession. King Saul was overcome by severe depression (a tormenting spirit) 1 Samuel 16:14-16. He was at a point in his life where he could not function properly. Now in such cases I believe that prayers alongside medical intervention is NEEDED. God is not against people seeing doctors as He is the one who gives wisdom to man, and has blessed the earth with herbs (medication) to bring healing to our bodies. The bible states that Luke the disciple was a physician Colossians 4:14! Don’t feel ashamed to get advice from your GP, and you can pray too. Go to a trusted leader within your church and ask for moral support and prayers. God hears the prayers of His children and will not turn you away Psalm 102:17! It is not ok for one to be bound by anxiety or fear to the point where one can no longer leave their house. This is not an acceptable lifestyle to live as it can put one at mental and or physical risk. There are individuals who go through periods of not eating and suffer from malnutrition due to low stocks of food at home. They usually have to wait till food is delivered to their home by a trusted family member or friend. Such a lifestyle is not a healthy one for any human being to live!

The fact that suicide is increasing both inside and outside of the church should be a reminder to us Christians that we are not fighting against flesh and blood Ephesians 6:12! And that we MUST strive to guard our minds (hearts) at all costs! It’s not a laughing matter, and we should not take mental ill health lightly or try to dismiss it! I believe this is a wake up call for the church to take action! The scary thing is depression can kill someone A LOT quicker than cancer. I believe a way in which we can help deal with such matters is to emphasise the importance of TALKING TO OTHERS. Do not journey alone!

In extenuating circumstances confinement may be necessary due to violent behaviour. But thank God that we serve a mighty Lord who has the power to deliver one from the powers of darkness, which attack the mind.

So some cases can be resolved by having a simple chat, whilst other episodes may need medical intervention. And I personally believe that through deliverance a person can be set free from demonic oppression. I know this may seem far fetched, or extreme to many but this is something I firmly believe, and my faith in God has enlightened me to the truth that there are angels AND demons. Demons have the ability to torment humans as well as possess them, and I’m sure that for many reading now the exorcism movie may come to mind here, but not all deliverance experiences are like that! Some people shed tears, cough, feel tired, whilst others may feel a deep sense of inner peace. Not EVERYONE rolls around on the floor screeching. I think we need to get used to Hollywood’s often inaccurate portrayals of reality (Hollywood seem to have a habit of not telling the WHOLE truth).

I hope this post was ok for y’all to digest, as I know this is a vast subject, and I’ve just scratched the surface, but I hope it was a blessing to read.

Love you guys

God bless


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