Valentines edition: Let go and let God!

In life there will be moments were you encounter hardships, and will not understand why until a much later date! And guess what, sometimes we may never understand why things don’t work out. This is just life! ‘Most times life is better understood backwards, but must be lived forwards’! [My adaption to a quote byContinue reading “Valentines edition: Let go and let God!”

Top 10 Tips For Singles on Valentines Day.

Hey people It’s valentines weekend, and I thought I’d share a bit more about my christian single journey AND….. Introduce you to some of my friends!!! This is my valentines gift to you all! Once again thanks to all those who faithfully read my blog posts 😊. Today’s post features one of my best friend’s,Continue reading “Top 10 Tips For Singles on Valentines Day.”