Why do bad things happen to good people?

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One of the main issues which has been tugging on my heart strings, is the very big question which I believe most human beings have! ‘Why do good things happen to bad people’. I have had so many questions to ask God lately after hearing bad news, after bad news, after bad news. It can be very overwhelming when so many negative things happen to you at the same time, you pretty much feel snowed under. I was so angry at the fact that a few young people I knew of passed away, I just couldn’t comprehend why such things were happening.

But then God spoke out to me, saying He has feelings to, He cares just as much as we humans do when a loved one dies (psalm 116:15). God also pointed me to the fact that a lot of the evil taking place around the world is as a result of human hands e.g. murder, rape, war, toxic chemicals being used to make food, cutting corners when building in order to save money at the expense of another human beings life, corruption etc, the list goes on. As human beings we have the responsibility to look after our planet earth Genesis 2:15. The truth is that when we do not look after that which is around us, of course things are bound to fall apart and go wrong.

Also what I’ve noticed is that when tragedy strikes people join together and become much closer than before. Deaths bring family members together who haven’t met together in decades. Terror attacks lead people to give a helping hand to a human being they’ve never seen before, people are touched to give and to pray for others. All this leads me to the passage ‘What the enemy meant for evil, God intended it for good ‘Genesis 50:20. God also had to point me to the fact that there is NO evil in Him, God doesn’t send evil into our lives, which can be very heard for our minds to digestive at times.

It then dawned on me that we shouldn’t be asking the question ‘why do bad things happen to good people’ as it doesn’t solve any problems. What we should be asking is ‘what good can come out of this bad situation’.

We shouldn’t wallow in self pity, neither should we surround ourself with pessimistic individuals. During bad times we ought to look at what we can learn from the situation, see how we can bring peace to others during their challenges and also look for doors of opportunity.

What we must also try to remember, is that when going through challenges we build up our character and endurance 2 Corinthians 6:4-6. Hardships provide us with the chance to trust in God, and we learn not to become solely dependent on ourselves.

Furthermore we must understand that the most brutal murder of all, of an innocent man, brings hope for ALL mankind. Jesus death on the cross brings salvation to all those who believe, free of charge. He was whipped so that we can be healed, and His hands were pierced so our sins can be forgiven Isaiah 53:5. What a bloody yet beautiful site.

Finally I’d just like to encourage the church to be a light in darkness, especially in this day and age where there is so much evil around us. We should be reaching out to the troubled in the community, helping those who have faced tragedies. For churches in England (around London to be precise), how can we reach out to the Grenfell tower victims, or to families devastated by the recent London terror attacks? Also I’d like everyone to keep in mind that you don’t have to wait around for others in order for you to carry out an act of kindness, you can bring positive change as an individual. All it takes is for one person to rise up against injustice in order to make a difference.

Remember think ‘what good can come out of this bad situation’

LOVE you all and God bless

Christian lady after Gods own heart.

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