Take that leap of faith: (You have a purpose part 3).

Mark 11:22 ~ Then Jesus said to the disciples, “Have faith in God”. Good day beautiful peopleI hope that this message meets you well. Welcome to the third part of our series on discovering your purpose through unearthing your God given abilities. Today I desire to emphasise the importance of stepping out in faith. UnhealthyContinue reading “Take that leap of faith: (You have a purpose part 3).”

Combatting Panic Attacks Part 2!

Good day purposeful people I hope that this post meets you, and your family members well? As promised today’s post is a follow up on, combatting panic attacks. I believe that it’s very important for us to deal with the ROOT cause of problems, rather than patching up the symptoms! So in today’s writ upContinue reading “Combatting Panic Attacks Part 2!”